By Aśoka

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Source Description

Title: Aśokanibandhau Avayavinirākaraṇaṃ Samānyadūṣaṇaṃ ca
Author: Aśoka
Editor: Anantalal Thakur
Publisher: Kashi Prasad Jayaswal Research Institute
Place of Publication: Patna
Date: 1974
Note: The manuscript consulted by Thakur is described below.

Manuscript Description

Manuscript Identifier

Thakur had access only to photographs of the palm-leave manuscript.

The Avayavinirākaraṇa covers folios 78b1-82a5. The Sāmānyaduṣana covers folios 82a5-84b1. Both texts are placed between the Citrādvaitaprakāśavāda and the Santānāntaradūṣaṇa. The scribe is the same as in the Ratnakīrtinibandha. Each side of a folio consists of six lines of ca. 138 syllables. The inner four lines leave a gap of 12 syllables for two perforations in the palm-leaves. The script is proto-Maithili.

Photographs of manuscripts brought by Rahula Sankrityayana from Tibet discovered by Anantalal Thakur while editing the Ratnakīrtinibandhāvalī.

Title: Six Buddhist Nyāya Tracts in Sanskrit
Editor: Mahāmahopadhyāya Haraprasād Shāstri
Publisher: The Asiatic Society
Place of Publication: Calcutta
Date: 1910

Encoding Description

  • In the source file, there were two types of line breaks: returns (and possible surrounding space) and hyphens+returns. These were replaced with lb-elements. The ed-attribute "tha" refers to Thakur's 1974 edition.
  • The folio numbers were encoded as pb-elements with the ed-attribute "msR", which refers to the manuscript used by Thakur.
  • Round brackets (1 occurrence) were encoded as hi rend="brackets".
  • Additions in square brackets were enclosed in a supplied-element.
  • Underlined items were enclosed in a hi rend="underline".
  • In the note-elements the lbs were removed.
  • The footnotes were encoded as note-elements with their corresponding n-attribute. The footnote references were replaced by the note-elements.

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