With the Commentaries Rasaratnasamuccayabodhinī, Rasaratnasamuccayaṭīkā (selections)

  • Creation of machine-readable version: Oliver Hellwig
  • TEI encoding: Dominik Wujastyk

Publication Statement

Published by SARIT: Search and Retrieval of Indic Texts, 2013-2016.
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Notes Statement

Transcription by Oliver Hellwig of Vāgbhaṭa's Rasaratnasamuccaya with extracts from the commentaries -bodhinī and -ṭīkā, from the 1927 Calcutta edition edited by Aśubodhavidyābhūṣaṇa and Nityabodha Vidyāratna. Covers to end of ch. 16, with parts of chapters 17 and 22 (out of 30 chapters)

Source Description

AśubodhavidyābhūṣaṇaNityabodhavidyāratnaSaṭīkaḥ Rasaratnasamuccayaḥ. (Prācīnarasagranthaḥ) Mahāmati śrīmad Vāgbhaṭācāryyaviracitaḥ. Aśubodhavidyābhūṣaṇena tathā Nityabodhavidyāratnena ca viracitayā Rasaratnasamuccayabodhinyākhyayā ṭīkayā samalaṅkṛtaḥ prakāśitaś ca
Aśubodhavidyābhūṣaṇa and Nityabodhavidyāratna
This edition has been scanned and made publicly available online at the Digital Library of India
Meulenbeld, History of Indian Medical Literature (Groningen, 1999-2002), IIA p.672 f. notes that "The Bodhinī is an interesting and useful commentary; it gives much attention to the text of the Rasaratnasamuccaya; a large number of variants and parallels are discussed by the authors, who were Bengali brāhmaṇas, sons of the well-known Jīvānanda Vidyāsāgara [Bhaṭṭācārya]". The Bodhinī gives English language equivalents for some items, such as "ग्लस्" (glass) and बोतल् (bottle) (1927 edition, p.185, on ch.7, vv.17-19)

Encoding Description

Editorial Description

The published edition from which this e-text was transcribed is printed in the Devanāgarī script. The electronic text below is in a lossless transliteration using the Latin alphabet. The transliteration scheme used is the IAST (The International Alphabet of Sanskrit Transliteration). IAST differs in small ways from ISO 15919, but is preferred by most working Sanskrit scholars. Conversion of this file to ISO 15919 can be achieved by performing the following replacements throughout the file: ṛ -> r̥ and ṃ -> ṁ

Text division is as Devanāgarī ("ityevam" not "ity evam".)

Initial vowel elision for avagraha is reversed and marked with a + sign: e.g., "prathamo+adhyāyaḥ"

Structure of references:

  • VRrs_nn.nn = VāgbhaṭaRasaratnasamuccaya_adhyāya.verse
  • VRrsBo_nn.nn;nn = Rasaratnasamuccayabodhinī (line)
  • VRrsṬī_nn.nn;nn = Rasaratnasamuccayaṭīkā (line)
The numbering of commentary lines includes a reference to the last verse/line of the preceding mula text.

Notes added by Oliver Hellwig, and tagged as such.

Revision Description

  • 2007Received raw files from Oliver Hellwig and uploaded them to GRETIL (http://gretil.sub.uni-goettingen.de/) Reinhold Gruenendahl added chapter numbering, and reformated some file(s) in this manner when Oliver Hellwig sent an update.
  • 2013-03-13: TEI encoding By Dominik Wujastyk
  • 2013-03-13: Tagging the distinction between text and commentaries. By Dominik Wujastyk
  • 2013-03-14: Updates to TEI header. By Dominik Wujastyk
  • 2013-03-14: Added info from Meulenbeld's HIML, and changed the metadata to recognize that the commentaries are only selectively transcribed. By Dominik Wujastyk
  • Corrected the verse numbering of ch. 16 vv. 156-158 to follow the Calcutta 1927 edition.
  • Corrected the verse numbering of chs. 17 and 22 to follow the Calcutta 1927 edition.
  • 2017-06-23: Refactored the file so that it's not paragraphs but line groups. By Dominik Wujastyk