NOTE: Though I had intended to include comprehensive English-Sanskrit-Tibetan glossaries here, as a contribution to the further development of esoteric Buddhist lexicography, limitations of space and time have rendered this impracticable.

A tilde (~) before Tibetan entries indicates an attested equivalent that I judge to be either erroneous or imperfect.

English-Sanskrit-Tibetan Glossary

English Sanskrit Tibetan
abode āśraya gnas
accomplished [nature], perfection, completely perfected pariniṣpanna yongs su grub pa, yongs su rdzogs pa
accomplishment siddhi dngos grub, grub
action, function, rite karman las
activity karaṇa bya ba
activity kriyā bya ba
acute nipuṇa mdzangs
adamant, adamantine vajra rdo rje
adamantine body vajradeha rdo rje lus
adamantine body samādhi vajra-bimbopamaṃ-samādhi ting nge 'dzin rdo rje'i gzugs lta bu
adamantine gnosis vajra-jñāna rdo rje'i ye shes
adamantine samādhi vajropama-samādhi rdo rje lta bu'i ting nge 'dzin
Adamantine Way vajrayāna rdo rje theg pa
æon kalpa bskal pa
æsthetic mood rasa ro