111 स्वयं दूती । यथा—

612महुएहिं किं व पंथिअ जइ हरसि नियंसणं नियंबाओ ।
साहेमि कस्स रन्ने गामो दूरे अहं एक्का ॥613
इत्याद्यूह्यम् ।

  1. मधूकैः किं वा पथिक यदि हरसि निवसनं नितम्बात् ।
    कथयामि कस्यारण्ये ग्रामो दूरे अहमेका ॥
    इति च्छाया.
  2. This verse and its chāyā as available in the previous editions of the Avaloka, have not been very clear. The A.T.A. too is not very helpful. I have taken the above portion from H.K.A. The source of the verse as given by the editors of H.K.A. on page 511, is Saptaśataka 877, and Vajjālagga 491. The A.T.A. however reads the foot clearly as sāhemi kaṃ saraṇṇaṃ, which would perhaps mean kathayāmi kaṃ śaraṇyam. For the present I have no means here of verifying the point further.