Dvādaśāraṃ Nayacakram

With the Commentary Nyāyāgamānusāriṇī

By Siṃhasūri Gaṇi Vādi

  • Funders: German Research Foundation (DFG); Project "SARIT: Enriching Digital Text Collections in Indology" (Bilalteral Digital Humanities Programme DFG/NEH), 2013-2017 and Institute for the Cultural and Intellectual History of Asia, Austrian Academy of Sciences
  • Principal: Birgit Kellner
  • data entry by: Aurorachana, Auroville
  • prepared for SARIT by: Liudmila Olalde

Edition Statement

Publication Statement

Availability: restricted

Source Description

Dvādaśāraṃ Nayacakraṃ of Ācārya Śrī Mallavādi Kṣamāśramaṇa With the Commentary Nyāyāgamānusāriṇī of Śrī Siṃhasūri Gaṇi Vādi Kṣamāśramaṇa
Siṃhasūri Gaṇi Vādi
Muni Jambūvijayajī
Śrī Jain Ātmānand Sabhā
Part 1, 1966; part. 2, 1976; Part 3, 1988.
Śrī Ātmānand Jain Granthamālā Serial
92, 94, 95

The witnesses are described in Jambūvijaya's edition part 1, pp. 32-34.


Encoding Description

This file consists of a base text, a commentary and critical notes; these are encoded as follows:

  • The base text, i.e. the Dvādaśāraṃ Nayacakram, is enclosed in .
  • The commentary, i.e. the Nyāyāgamānusāriṇī, corresponds to the body-element.
  • The critical notes (Ṭippaṇa) by Jambūvijaya were printed as footnotes and are therefore enclosed in note-elements.
  • Line breaks: In the source file, there were two types of line breaks: returns (and possible surrounding space) and hyphens+returns. These were replaced with lb-elements. The ed-attribute "mj" refers to Jambūvijaya's edition. In the note-elements the lb-elements were removed.
  • The folio and line numbers on the margins were encoded as pb-elements with ed-attribute "ms", thus corresponds to folio number 4, line 2.
  • Round and square brackets were were replaced by SARIT with the following TEI-elements:
    • Bracketed references to other works were enclosed in . The cRef-attribute="unknown" indicates that the editor left the brackets empty in the print edition.
    • All other round brackets (821 occurrences) were encoded as .
    • Additions by Jambūvijaya (754 occurrences), which were enclosed in square brackets, were enclosed in supplied.
  • Underlined characters are enclosed in , 145 occurrences.
  • Superscript characters are enclosed in , 89 occurrences.
  • Bold characters are enclosed in .
  • Single quotes were replaced with q.
  • Double quotes were replaced with quote.
  • Single and double quotes that have no opening or closing counterpart were enclosed in an unclear-element.
  • The footnotes were encoded as note-elements with their corresponding n-attribute. In this file the note elements are located were the footnote references appear in the print edition (that is, inline).
  • Footnotes within footnotes (numbered with arabic numbers in the print edition) were numbered by the page and number of the footnote they belong to and then by the page they appear in, e.g. n="628-10-630-3" means that the note belongs to the footnote 10 on page 628, and that it appears on page 630 numbered with the arabic digit 3.
  • Several footnotes had no corresponding footnote reference in the print edition; they were left at the end of the page.
  • The numeration of several footnote references was corrected by the SARIT-encoder.
  • Footnotes extending over more than one page were enclosed in the same note-element. A pb-element within the note indicates the page break in the printed editon. pb's are encoded as follows: pb ed="mj" n="378". Additional pb's within the footnotes are encoded as follows: pb ed="mj" n="n378".
  • Special signs such as asterisks and crosses (used to link a passage with a footnote in the print edition) where manually replaced with anchor-elements.
  • Characters that were not readable in the printed edition available to SARIT were either enclosed or marked with gap-elements.
  • The text is structured in 14 parts encoded as .

Revision Description

  • 2017-04-11: For a complete history of the changes in this file go to SARIT GitHub Repository. By http://viaf.org/viaf/308710472