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Edition Statement

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Source Description

Jitāri: Kleine Texte
Arbeitskreis für tibetische und buddhisitsche Studien Universität Wien
Wiener Studien zur Tibetologie und Buddhismskunde
Kleine Texte is an edition of: Vedāprāmāṇyasiddhi, Sarvajñasiddhi, Nairātmyasiddhi, Jātinirākṛti, and *Īśvaravādimataparīkṣa. Bühneman's edition is based on the manuscript described below.

Manuscript Description

Manuscript Identifier
PatnaBihar Research Society
Glass plate negatives IA, IB, IIA, and IIB.
See manuscript description in
ŚrutikartṛsiddhiIB.1.14; IA.1.14; IB.2.10; IA.2.10; IB.2.11; IA.2.11; IB.2.13; IA.2.13
VedāprāmāṇyasiddhiIA.2.13 (Fol. Nr. 23a); IB.2.14 (Fol. Nr. 24b); IA.2.14; IB.2.15 (Fol. Nr. 25)
one folio is missing (23b und 24a)
VyāpakānupalambhaIB.2.7; IA.2.7
NairātmyasiddhiIB.2.9; IA.2.9; IIB.4; IIA.4; IIB.5; IIA.5; IIB.7; IIA.7; IIB.8; IIA.8.
JātinirākṛtiIIB.9; IIA.9; IIB.6; IIA.6; IIB.11; IIA.11; IIB.10; IIA.10; IIB.12; IIA.12
Not identified.

This is the description given by Bühnemann in the introduction (in German) to the her 1982 edition, pp. 8-9.
Low quality photographs of the manuscript, which is therefore difficult to read. Only parts of the manuscript were photographed; the beginning and the end are missing, as well as other folios. The preserved folios are not arranged in order. The numbers given on the margin seem not to correspond to the reconstructed sequence of the folios (for this reason Bühneman did not reproduced them in her edition). The script is Proto-Maithili. The manuscript has several mistakes.

The references to the folios are by number of the glass plate, column, and folio number (counting from the top to the bottom), e.g. IA.2.13 = glass plate IA, colum 2, folio 13.

Rāhula Sāṅkṛtyāyana took pictures of the manuscripts in Tibet

Cf. Bühneman's introduction to her 1982 edition, pp. 8-9

Title: Ratnakīrtinibandhāvaliḥ
Author: Ratnakīrti
Editor: A. Thakur
Publisher: K. P. Jayaswal Research Institute
Place of Publication: Patna
Date: 1975
Note: 2nd edition
Note: The Vedāprāmāṇya is quoted by Ratnakīrti in his Pramāṇāntarbhāvaprakaraṇa, pp. 99.16-101.17.
Title: Ratnakīrti-nibandhāvalī
Author: Ratnakīrti
Editor: A. Thakur
Publisher: K. P. Jayaswal Research Institute
Place of Publication: Patna
Date: 1957
Note: 1st edition
Note: The Vedāprāmāṇya is quoted by Ratnakīrti in his Pramāṇāntarbhāvaprakaraṇa.
Copy of the pictures of the Ratnakīrtinibandhāvali manuscript from the B.R.S, Patna. See Bühnemann 1982, p. 13.

Encoding Description

  • Line breaks: In the source file, there were two types of line breaks: returns (and possible surrounding space) and hyphens+returns. These were replaced with lb-elements. The ed-attribute "gb" refers to Bühnemann's 1982 edition.
  • The glass plate numbers were encoded as pb-elements with the edRef-attribute "#vps-ms".
  • The corresponding page an line number in Ratnakīrti's Pramāṇāntarbhāvaprakaraṇa, in which the Vedāprāmāṇya is quoted, were encoded as pb-elements with the edRef-attribute "#vps-r".
  • The variant readings in the footnotes were enclosed in a .
  • References were enclosed in a ref-element.
  • Square brackets were encoded as surplus. This follows Bühnemann 1982 p. 48: [ ] auszulassen.
  • Angle brackets were encoded as supplied. This follows Bühnemann 1982 p. 48: < > zu ergänzen.
  • The footnotes were encoded as note-elements with their corresponding n-attribute. The footnote references were replaced with the corresponding note. Line breaks within the notes have been removed

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