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  • Creation of machine-readable transcription: Yano Michio , Ikari Yasuke , and Joint Seminar on "Law (dharma) and Society in Classical India", Institute for Research in Humanities, Kyoto University
  • Initial editing and conversion to Text Encoding Initiative (TEI) markup: Richard Mahoney, Indica et Buddhica
  • Maintenance of file for SARIT: Patrick Mc Allister (
  • Edits to file in SARIT: Dominik Wujastyk (
  • Markup update according to the SARIT-Guidelines: Jinkyoung Choi

Publication Statement

Published by SARIT: Search and Retrieval of Indic Texts, 2016.
Availability: restricted

Notes Statement

Base e-text: Michio Yano and Yasuke Ikari, Kyoto University. Base edn: J. L. Shastri 1983. Editing and conversion to TEI markup: Richard Mahoney, Indica et Buddhica. This transcription does not include Kullūka's commentary.

Source Description

Title: Manusmṛti: with the Sanskrit commentary Manvartha-Muktāvalī of Kullūka Bhaṭṭa, edited by J. L. Shastri. With English introduction by S. C. Banerji
Editor: J. L. Shastri
Publisher: Motīlāla Banārasīdāsa
Place of Publication: Dillī
Date: 1983
Note: 1st ed.
  • SARIT transcript collated with:
  • 1.
    Title: Mānava Dharma-śāstra: the code of Manu
    Title: Original Sanskrit text critically edited, according to the standard Sanskrit commentaries, with critical notes, by J. Jolly
    Author: Manu
    Editor: J. Jolly
    Publisher: Trübner
    Place of Publication: London
    Extent: xix, 346 p. ; 22 cm
    Date: 1887
  • 2.
    Title: Manu's code of law
    Title: A critical edition and translation of the Mānava-Dharmaśāstra
    Author: Manu
    Editor: P. Olivelle
    Publisher: Oxford University Press
    Place of Publication: Oxford; New York; Tokyo
    Extent: x, 1131 p.; 25 cm
    Date: 2005

List of witnesses

K =
. (Compared with the edition of Kashi Skt Series 114, ed., Haragovinda Sastri.)M = Medhātithi's commentary.

Encoding Description

SARIT: Search and Retrieval of Indic Texts is a library of electronic editions of Indic texts marked up according to the guidelines of the Text Encoding Initiative (TEI).

The published edition from which this e-text was transcribed is printed in the Devanāgarī script. The electronic text below is in a lossless transliteration using the Latin alphabet. The transliteration scheme used is the IAST (The International Alphabet of Sanskrit Transliteration). IAST differs in small ways from ISO 15919, but is preferred by most working Sanskrit scholars. Conversion of this file to ISO 15919 can be achieved by performing the following replacements throughout the file: ṛ -> r̥ and ṃ -> ṃ

Editorial Description

Word separation follows general transliteration principles in roman script, thus words are separated whenever possible such as "tac ca", "ity eva".

Members of a compound are separated by periods.

External sandhi is decomposed with -.

The text is based upon Shastri's edition (K). Variants in Medhātithi's commentary (M) are given at the end of each verse. The verse numbers correspond to K. Differing verse numbers in M are given in square brackets. Some verses which are found only in K or M, in these cases a note has been added.

References Declarations

References to each portion of the Sanskrit text have been placed at the start of each line: e.g., 9.19a refers to Shastri's 1983 edition of the Manusmṛti, Chapter 9, Verse 19, Line 1.

Chapter and section headings are from: Olivelle's 2005 edition..

Page references to Jolly's edition of the Sanskrit text have been encoded as pb-elements with the ed-attribute "jo". "J 6" refers to Jolly's 1887 edition, page 6.

Page references to Olivelle's edition and English translation have been placed below and to the right of the section headings: e.g., O edn 390-391, O tr. 89 refers to Olivelle's 2005 edition, pages 390 to 391, and translation, page 89.

  • Abbreviations used in the xml:id's
  • manu = Manusmṛti
  • manu-medhā = Medhātithi's commentary

Revision Description

  • The text was typed, analyzed and proofread by Michio Yano and Yasuke Ikari: May-June 1991; January-April 1992; March-April 1996.
  • 2009-01-30: Established initial revision.
  • 2009-06-20: 'a --> '
  • 2009-05-25: Added Appendices.
  • 2009-08-24: Transliteration of anusvāra improved and documented.
  • 2009-08-26: Put variants into footnotes. Removed right brackets from body. All verses numbered within body.
  • 2011-04-23: Cleaned header so it conforms to current tei p5.
  • 2012-12-02: Updated TEI header, especially to include CC licence. By Dominik Wujastyk
  • 2013-03-05: Updated and simplified TEI header, to bring it in line with current SARIT practice. By Dominik Wujastyk
  • 2016-05-11: Corrected markup for text references in teiHeader and body By Jinkyoung Choi
  • 2016-05-24: Inserted language attribute to head tags. By Jinkyoung Choi
  • 2016-06-02: Added surname and forename tags in the heading and inserted trailer tag at the end of the body text. By Jinkyoung Choi
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  • 2016-07-16: Wrapped verse numbers in label-elements and removed the "M" at the beginning of verse numbers because "M" is the abbreviation used for Medhātithi's commentary. By
  • 2016-07-16: Wrapped variants and lemmata in the notes in q-elements. By
  • 2016-07-16Added xml:lang-attributes to notes and q. By
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