• Funder: German Research Foundation (DFG); Project "SARIT: Enriching Digital Text Collections in Indology" (Bilalteral Digital Humanities Programme DFG/NEH), 2013-2017
  • Principal: Birgit Kellner
  • data entry by: Aurorachana, Auroville
  • prepared for SARIT by: Liudmila Olalde

Edition Statement

Publication Statement

Availability: restricted

Source Description

Title: Pramāṇātarbhāva
Editor: Satīndra CandraNyāyācārya
Publisher: The Asiatic Society
Place of Publication: Calcutta
Date: 1969
Note: With English Introduction by Gaurināth Śāstri.

Encoding Description

Editorial Description

  • Line breaks: In the source file, there were two types of line breaks: returns (and possible surrounding space) and hyphens+returns. These were replaced with lb-elements. The ed-attribute "nya" refers to Nyāyācārya's edition.
  • Double quotes were replaced with quote-elements.
  • Single quotes were replaced with q-elements.
  • Square brackets were replaced with .
  • Round brackets were replaced with .
  • Bold characters were enclosed in .
  • Suspension points (…) were enclosed in .
  • The footnotes were encoded as note-elements with their corresponding n-attribute. The footnote 19-3 has no corresponding footnote reference. It was left at the end of the page and was given the attribute place="bottom"

Nyāyācārya's edition has a list of corrections on the last page. These corrections have been encoded with the tags choice,sic, and corr. Page and line numbers of each correction are given in the n-attribute. Thus, refers to the correction on page 25, line 20.

In three cases the corrections introduced by SARIT differ from those listed in Nyāyācārya's edition (a @resp has been added to the corresponding corr-elements):

  • 12.21 and 13.16: The final -म् (in -उपमानम्) was not changed to -स्.
  • 17.10: उपमान॰ was corrected to: इत्युपमान॰ and not, as in the list of corrections, to इति पमान॰.
  • 3.7: The mistake had already been corrected in the edition. So it was not necessary to make any changes.

Revision Description

  • 2016-05-27Corrected the following footnotes:
    • Footnote reference 10-3 (second occurence) corresponds to note 10-4: new number 10-4
    • Footnote reference 10-4 corresponds to note 10-5: new number 10-5
    • Footnote reference 10-5 corresponds to note 10-6 (first one): new number 10-6a
    • Footnote reference 10-6 corresponds to note 10-6 (second one): new number 10-6b
    • Footnote reference 10-7 corresponds to note 10-7
    • Footnote reference 10-8 corresponds to note 10-8
    • Footnote reference 10-9 corresponds to note 10-10: new number 10-10.
  • 2017-03-25: For a complete history of the changes in this file go to SARIT GitHub Repository. By