Pramāṇavārttika Pariśiṣṭa 1

By Vibhūticandra

Appendix I to the Pramāṇavārttika
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Edition Statement

Publication Statement

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Source Description

Title: Appendix I
Title: Dharmakīrti's Pramāṇavārttika with a commentary by Manorathanandin
Author: Vibhūticandra
Editor: Rāhula Sāṅkṛtyāyana
Publisher: Bihar and Orissa Research Society
Place of Publication: Patna
Date: 1938-1940
Note: Appendix to the Journal of the Bihar and Orissa Research Society,
Note: The appendix contains notes that Vibhūticandra added to the manuscript of Manorathanandin's commentary. The manuscript consulted by Sāṅkṛtyāyana is described below.

Manuscript Description

Manuscript Identifier
Manuscript nr. 237 (henceforth MA).

Written by Vibhūticandra in early old Bengali script (Sāṅkṛtyāyana refers to the script as Kuṭilā), the manuscript comprises 105 leaves of seven lines each that according to Sāṅkṛtyāyana measure 67.31 x 5.80 cm.

On July 28, 1936, Sāṅkṛtyāyana found this paper manuscript of Manorathanandin’s Pramāṇavārttikavṛtti in the hermitage Zha lu ri phug.

Encoding Description

In the source file, there were two types of line breaks: returns (and possible surrounding space) and hyphens+returns. These were replaced with lb-elements. I didn't check whether the source was consequent in this respect. The ed-attribute "s" refers to Sāṅkṛtyāyana's edition.

The folio numbers on the margins were encoded as pb-elements. The ed-attribute "MA" refers to the manuscript used by Sāṅkṛtyāyana.

The text consists of 14 div's, which follow Sāṅkṛtyāyana's division of the text.

The section number at the beginning of the first paragraph of each section (e.g. "१--") was encoded as a head-element.

The front has been added by SARIT.

Brackets were encoded as follows:

  • Headings in brackets were enclosed in supplied.
  • Daṇḍas in brackets were enclosed in supplied.
  • References in brackets were enclosed in ref.
  • All other brackets were encoded as brackets.

Bold characters were enclosed in

Abbreviations used in the attributes ed, cRef and xml:id's in this file:

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