With the Commentary Pramāṇavārttikavṛtti

By Manorathanandin

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Edition Statement

Publication Statement

Availability: restricted

Source Description

Title: Dharmakīrti's Pramāṇavārttika
Title: with a commentary by Manorathanandin
Author: Dharmakīrti
Author: Manorathanandin
Editor: Rāhula Sāṅkṛtyāyana
Publisher: Bihar and Orissa Research Society
Place of Publication: Patna
Date: 1938-1940
Note: Appendix to the Journal of the Bihar and Orissa Research Society
Note: The manuscript consulted by Sāṅkṛtyāyana is described below.
Note: The copy that was used for digitizing this text is the one that belonged to Erich Frauwallner and is now in the "Collection Frauwallner" in the South Asian, Tibetan and Buddhist Studies Library with signature S-28/V/21b (or S-0132-B).

Manuscript Description

Manuscript Identifier
Manuscript nr. 237 (henceforth MA).
In: Sāṅkṛtyāyana, "Second Search of Sanskrit Palm-leaf Mss. in Tibet". JBORS 23,1 (1937) 1-57.

Written by Vibhūticandra in early old Bengali script (Sāṅkṛtyāyana refers to the script as Kuṭilā), the manuscript comprises 105 leaves of seven lines each that according to Sāṅkṛtyāyana measure 67.31 x 5.80 cm.

On July 28, 1936, Sāṅkṛtyāyana found this paper manuscript of Manorathanandin’s Pramāṇavārttikavṛtti in the hermitage Zha lu ri phug.

Encoding Description

In the source file, there were two types of line breaks: returns (and possible surrounding space) and hyphens+returns. These were replaced with lb-elements. I didn't check whether the source was consequent in this respect. The ed-attribute "s" refers to Sāṅkṛtyāyana's edition.

The folio numbers on the margins were encoded as pb-elements. The ed-attribute "MA" refers to the manuscript used by Sāṅkṛtyāyana. The line numbers in the manuscript were encoded as lb-elements with the ed-attribute "MA".

The text is structured in three div-levels:

  • Four chapters encoded as: div n="..." type="chapter" subtype="pariccheda"
  • Subchapters encoded as: div n="[roman numbers]" type="subchapter". The subchapter number is not reflected in the verse numbers.
  • The lowest div-level encloses a verse (or a group of verses) and its corresponding commentary, e.g.: div n="3.121 3.122abc" for a div enclosing verses 121 and the first three padas of 122 of the first pariccheda as well their commentary.

The notes represent marginal notes on the manuscript MA, written by Vibhūticandra. The editor Rāhula Sāṅkṛtyāyana is responsible for linking them with particular passages in the text. His linkages await further study. In some places his notes are prefixed with question marks, which we interpret as indicating Sāṅkṛtyāyana's uncertainty regarding where they belong. We placed them right after the immediately preceding note in the text, as a convention.

The verse numbers are those of Sāṅkṛtyāyana's edition.

Abbreviations used in the attributes ed, cRef and xml:id's in this file:

  • Divy = Divyāvadāna; the page number refers to P.L. Vaidya, Divyāvadāna, The Mithila Institute of Post-Graduate Studies and Research in Sanskrit Learning, Darbhanga 1959 (Buddhist Sanskrit Texts, 20)
  • MA = Sanskrit manuscript of Manorathanandin's Pramāṇavārttikavṛtti used by Sāṅkṛtyāyana
  • ps = Pramāṇasamuccaya; the verse numbers correspond to Steinkellner, Dignāga's Pramāṇasamuccaya, Chapter 1
  • psv = Pramāṇasamuccayavṛtti; the verse numbers correspond to to Steinkellner, Dignāga's Pramāṇasamuccaya, Chapter 1
  • pv = Dharmakīrti's Pramāṇavārttika
  • pvv = Manorathanandin's Pramāṇavārttikavṛtti
  • nsū = Gautama's Nyāyasūtra
  • VāPa = Bhartṛhari's Vākyapadīya
  • śv = Kumārila's Ślokavārttika
  • pvsv = Dharmakīrti's Pramāṇavārttikasvavṛtti
  • ts = Tattvasaṅgraha; the verse numbers correspond to Krishnamacharya's edition of Tattvasaṅgrahapañjikā

Revision Description

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