With the Commentary Tattvavaiśāradī

By Vācaspatimiśra

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Publication Statement

Published by SARIT: Search and Retrieval of Indic Texts, 2012-2016.
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Notes Statement

E-text created by the Young Buddhist Association of the University of Tokyo (Bussei) on the basis of the 2004 reprint of the edition of Kāśīnātha Śāstri Āgāśe, Pune, and originally made public at

Source Description

Title: Vācaspatimiśraviracitaṭīkāsaṃvalitavyāsabhāṣyasametāni Pātañjalayogasūtrāṇi [= The Yogasūtras of Patañjali accompanied by the Bhāṣya of Vyāsa and the Tattvavaiśāradī commentary of Vācaspatimiśra]
Editor: Kāśīnātha Śāstri Āgāśe
Publisher: Vasaṃta Anaṃta Āpaṭe
Place of Publication: Puṇyapattane
Date: 2004
Series: Ānandāśramasaṃskṛtagranthāvaliḥ granthāṅkaḥ
Note: BibTeX record for first edition: @BOOK{agas-pata, title = {VācaspatiMiśraviracitaṭīkāsaṃvalitaVyāsabhāṣyasametāni Pātañjalayogasūtrāṇi tathā BhojadevaviracitaRājamārtaṇḍābhidhavṛttisametāni Pātañjalayogasūtrāṇi}, year = {1904}, address = {Puṇyākhya-pattana}, publisher = {Ānandāśramamudraṇālaya}, editor = {{Ve. Śā. Rā. Rā. Kāśīnātha Śāstrī} Āgāśe and Hari Nārāyaṇa Āpaṭe}, volume = {47}, series = {Ānandāśramasaṃskṛtagranthāvaliḥ}, annote = {Edited on the basis of 5 editions and 7 MSS {\dn ka--jha, ka2--ga2!}. Editions: Mohamayyām (ka, ṅa) Kalikātā (ga, ka2 with Bhojavṛtti), Kāśī (gha). The MSS are from Moreśvaraśāstrī Wāīkara and Śrīdhara Guṃḍo Kuva{ḷ}ekar and Morobādādā Phaḍaṇīsa of Puṇe (kha, ca, ga2 with Bhojavṛtti), Vidyānandasvāmī of Dharwar (cha), from Sadāśiva Govinda Kānhere (ja), from Jayaśaṃkara Premānanda Jośī of Baroda (jha), from Yajñeśvaradīkṣita Baḍalīkara of Baḍalīkara(kha2, with Bhojavṛtti). \\ Vyāsabhāṣya and Vācaspati are pp.1--208. The Bhojavṛtti is paginated separately 1--65}, source = {CUL N5 834:01.b.7.70}, timestamp = {2010.03.16} }

Encoding Description

The published edition from which this e-text was transcribed is printed in the Devanāgarī script. The electronic text below is in a lossless transliteration using the Latin alphabet. The transliteration scheme used is the IAST (The International Alphabet of Sanskrit Transliteration). IAST differs in small ways from ISO 15919, but is preferred by most working Sanskrit scholars. Conversion of this file to ISO 15919 can be achieved by performing the following replacements throughout the file: ṛ -> r̥ and ṃ -> ṁ

Text division is with spaces between words ("ity evam" not "ityevam") except when words are joined by sandhi Devanāgarī ("atheyam" not "atha+iyam").

Initial vowel elision for avagraha is reversed and marked with a + sign: e.g., "prathamo+adhyāyaḥ"

External sandhis are not undone or marked: "yathāmara" not "yathā+amarā"

This file contains two texts:

  • A commentary: the Tattvavaiśāradī.
  • A base text: the Yogasūtras. These are enlclosed in quote-elements with the attributes: type="base-text" and ana="yosū".

The text is structured in two div levels:

  • 4 chapters encoded as
  • Several subdivisions enclosing the base text and the corresponding passage in the commentary.

References to other works are enclosed in ref-elements.

Revision Description

  • 2012-11-27: Added TEI encoding. Changed avagrahas to +a throughout By Dominik Wujastyk
  • 2013-03-02: Added the "div" sectioning to distinguish sutras from commentary. Added mor "div" sectioning to esepareate the four pādas. Added the css/bhoja.css stylesheet link. This is just experimental, and will be removed. By Dominik Wujastyk
  • 2016-07-18Updated markup according to the SARIT-guidelines: Wrapped sūtras in quote-elements, removed div type="commentary" and wrapped sūtra+corresponding commentary in a div. Wrapped trailers in base text in <label type="trailer"> By
  • 2016-07-18: Replaced brackets in head-elements and trailers with <supplied>. By
  • 2016-07-18: Replaced brackets (round and square) surrounding references to other works with ref-elements. By
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