By Suśruta

A SARIT edition
  • Creation of machine-readable version: Tsutomu Yamashita and Yasutaka Muroya

Publication Statement

Published by SARIT: Search and Retrieval of Indic Texts, 2013-2016.
Availability: restricted

Notes Statement

Suśrutasaṃhitā (without commentaries) transcribed by Tsutomu Yamashita and Yasutaka Muroya on the basis of Y. T. Ācārya's 1931 and 1938 Bombay editions

Source Description

Title: The Suśrutasaṃhitā of Suśruta, with the Nibandhsangraha Commentary of Śrī Ḍalhaṇācārya.
Editor: Yādavaśarman Trivikramātmaja Ācārya
Publisher: Pāndurang Jāvaji
Place of Publication: Bombay
Date: 1931
Note: The sūtrasthāna (Su.1) and śārīrasthāna (Su.3) of this SARIT edition are mainly based on this edition.
Note: This SARIT edition omits the commentarial material from this edition.
Title: Suśrutasamhitā of Suśruta with the Nibandhasaṅgraha Commentary of Śrī Ḍalhanāchārya and the Nyāyacandrikā Pañjikā of Śrī Gayadāsāchārya on Nidānasthāna, edited from the begining to the 9th ādhyāya of Cikitsāsthāna by Vaidya Jādavji Trikamji Āchārya and the rest by Nārāyaṇ Rām Āchārya
Publisher: Nirṇaya Sāgar Press
Place of Publication: Bombay
Date: 1938
Note: The nidānasthāna (Su.2), cikitsāsthāna (Su.4) , kalpasthāna (Su.5) and uttaratantra (Su.6) are based on this edition
Note: This SARIT edition omits the commentarial material from this edition.

Encoding Description

Editorial Description

The published edition from which this e-text was transcribed is printed in the Devanāgarī script. The electronic text below is in a lossless transliteration using the Latin alphabet. The transliteration scheme used is the IAST (The International Alphabet of Sanskrit Transliteration). IAST differs in small ways from ISO 15919, but is preferred by most working Sanskrit scholars. Conversion of this file to ISO 15919 can be achieved by performing the following replacements throughout the file: ṛ -> r̥ and ṃ -> ṁ

Text division is as Devanāgarī ("ityevam" not "ity evam".)

Only some of the footnotes from the edition have been typed in this file.

Prose passages are enclosed in ab-elements. Verses were enclosed in lg- and l-elements, but this is not consistent. So it is possible to find verses that are either not marked up as such or enclosed in an ab-element.

Initial vowel elision for avagraha is reversed and marked with a + sign: e.g., "prathamo+adhyāyaḥ"

Revision Description

  • 2009-08-07: Ver.1. August 2009 completed and released by Yamashita and Muroya By Yamashita and Muroya
  • 2014-06-24: Added TEI encoding. Added Su.1.12 and Su.1.14 that had somehow gone missing (probably my fault). By Dominik Wujastyk
  • 2014-06-26: recoded the footnotes that were marked with & using XML "note" elements Recoded the numerous ampersands as XML "ref" entities. Some of these refer to footnotes that have been typed into this file, but many are just floating, when the corresponding footnote has not been typed. By Dominik Wujastyk
  • 2016-07-18: Wrapped prose elements in ab-elements and l-elements in lg's. Wrapped passage numbers in label-elements. Added subtype-attribute to head-elements. Wrapped trailers in trailer-elements. By
  • 2017-07-14: Changed some ab-elements to lg-elements for verses that were wrongly tagged as prose. By Dominik Wujastyk