With the Commentary Nyāyakaṇikā

By Vācaspati Miśra

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  • Principal: Birgit Kellner
  • data entry by: Aurorachana, Auroville
  • prepared for SARIT by: Liudmila Olalde

Edition Statement

Publication Statement

Availability: restricted

Source Description

Title: Vidhiviveka of Śrī Maṇḍana Miśra with the Commentary Nyāyakaṇikā of Vāchaspati Miśra
Author: Maṇḍana Miśra
Author: Vācaspati Miśra
Editor: Mahaprabhu LalGoswami
Publisher: Tara Publications
Place of Publication: Benares
Date: 1978

Unfortunately the edition does not include a description of the manuscripts consulted by M. L. Goswami, nor an abbreviation list. Below is a list of the abbreviations that seem to refer to the manuscripts and/or with different readings.

का॰ वि॰मु॰मू॰प॰पा॰पु॰

Encoding Description

This file consists of two texts:

  • The body corresponds to the Nyāyakaṇikā.
  • The Vidhiviveka was enclosed in .

  • Line breaks: In the source file, there were two types of line breaks: returns (and possible surrounding space) and hyphens+returns. These were replaced with lb-elements. The ed-attribute "go" refers to Goswami's edition.
  • Round brackets were were encoded as .
  • The footnotes were encoded as note-elements with their corresponding n-attribute (page-footnote number)and are located where the footnote reference appears in the book (i.e. inline).
    • The following notes had no corresponding footnote reference. They were left at the end of the page and given the place-attribute "bottom":
    • 4-2
    • 28-1
    • 72-1
    • 121-2
    • 137-2
    • 149-3
    • The following footnote references were corrected:
    • the second occurrence of "119-1" was changed to "119-2";
    • the third occurrence of "119-1" was changed to to "119-3";
    • the second occurrence of 137-1 was changed to 137-2.
    • There were two references to the following notes so they appear twice in this file:
    • 137-1
    • 231-1
    • 243-2
    • 283-1
    • 334-1
  • Double quotes were encoded as quote.
  • Single quotes were encoded as q.
  • Single and double quotes that had no opening or closing counterpart were enclosed in an unclear-element.

Headings, epigraphs and trailers in the Vidhiviveka (i.e. descendants of ), where encoded as label elements with their respective type attributes: head, epigraph and trailer.

Revision Description

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