Vṛndamādhavāparanāmā Siddhayoga

By Vṛnda

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Published by SARIT: Search and Retrieval of Indic Texts, 2018.
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Source Description

Title: Śrīmadvṛndapraṇīto Vṛndamādhavāparanāmā Siddhayogaḥ
Title: Śrīkaṇṭhadattaviracitavyākhyākusumāvalyākhyaṭīkāsametaḥ
Author: Vṛnda
Author: Kanthadatta
Editor: Haṇamantaśāstrin Kṛṣṇaśāstrin Pādhye
Publisher: Ānandāśrama
Place of Publication: Puṇe
Date: 1894
Series: Ānandāśramasaṃskṛtagranthāvaliḥ
Note: A digitized copy of this edition is available on https://archive.org/details/VrndaMadhava1894.

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The commentary Kusumāvali by Kanthadatta and the footnotes in the source edition were not digitized.

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