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  • Principal: Birgit Kellner
  • data entry by: Aurorachana, Auroville
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Source Description

The DharmottaraṭippanakaCritical EditionThree Sanskrit Texts from the Buddhis Pramāṇa-TraditionThe Hetuvidyā Section in the Yogācārabhūmi, the Darmottaraṭippanaka, and the TarkarahasyaHideomiYaita
Naritasan Shinshoji

List of manuscripts consulted by Yaita.

A: Jesalmer Cat., No. 370. B: jesalmer Cat., No. 371. P: Pattan Cat., No. 58(9).

Encoding Description

Editorial Description

  • Quotations from Dharmottara's Nyāyabinduṭīkā (NBT) or Dharmakīrti's Nyāyabindu (NB) were enclosed in .
  • Vowel merging has been separated and is indicated with "+" between the vowels.
  • Hyphens were used to separate compound elements only when he thought that it would be easier to understand the tex.
  • Page numbers from Yaita 2005 were encoded as pb-elements with the ed-attribute "hy".
  • In the print edition, the folio numbers of the manuscripts consulted by Yaita are given both on the margins and inline. In this file the folio numbers were encoded only once as inline pb-elements with and edRef-attribute.
  • Line breaks from Yaita 2005 were encoded as lb-elements with the ed-attribute "hy".
  • In the print edition, the line numbers of the main manuscript followed by Yaita are given both on the margins and inline. In this file these line numbers encoded only once as inline lb-elements with their corresponding edRef-attribute.
  • Passages in italics were enclosed in
  • Round brackets were encoded as
  • Double quotes were encoded as quote
  • Underlined passages in the text were enclosed in . These mark sometimes quotations from NB. In other occasions they are used to mark names.
  • In the notes, quotations from NBT passages, i.e. identical passages between NBT and Dharmottaraṭippanaka (underlined in the print edition), were enclosed in
  • In the notes, parallel passages between Dharmottaraṭippanaka and Tātparya (underlined with dots in the print edition "...." were enclosed in .

In the print edition there were no footnote references; instead, the footnotes in the book point to the line on the corresponding page. Sometimes a note has annotations to several items (words, syllables) on the same line. In this file the footnotes were located manually in the text by te SARIT encoder. When several items are commented in the note, the note was located at the beginning of the first item.

List of abbreviations. The abbreviations in the first column appear in the print edition of the text. The abbreviations in brackets are used in the attributes ed, cRef and xml:id's in this file. Unless otherwise indicated, references are by page and line number of the edition consulted by Yaita.:

Abbreviations used by Yaita Abbreviaitons used in the xml-file for cRef- and ana-attributes Text
AA Pāṇini, Aṣṭādhyāyī
AK ak Vasubandhu, Abhidharmakośa
AKBh akbh Vasubadhu, Abhidharmakośabhāṣya
DhPr dp Durvekamiśra, Dharmottarapradīpa
DhT dhṭ Mallavādin, Dharmottaraṭippanaka
HB hb Dharmakīrti, Hetubindu
NB nb Dharmakīrti, Nyāyabindu
NB-T nb-Tib Dhramakīrti, Nyāyabindu (Tibetan translation)
NBT nbṭ Dharmottara, Nyāyabinduṭīkā
NBT-B nbṭ-Stcherbatsky Dharmottara, Nyāyabinduṭīkā
NBT-T nbṭ-Tib Dharmottara, Nyāyabinduṭīkā
NBTT nbṭṭ Anonymous, Nyayabinduṭīkāṭippaṇī
NBT-Vi nbṭ-Vi Vinītadeva, Nyāyabinduṭīkā
PS ps Dignāga, Pramāṇasamuccaya
PV pv Dharmakīrti, Pramāṇavārttika
PVSV pvsv Dharmakīrti, Pramāṇavārttikasvavṛtti
R rnā Ratnakīrtinibandhāvali
Tātparya tāniṭ Tātparyanibandhanaṭippana, anonymous commentary on Nyāyabinduṭīkā
TR tara Tarkarahasya
TSP tsp Kamalaśīla,Tattvasaṅgrahapañjikā
UṇS usū Uṇādisūtra

Revision Description

  • 2017-04-12: Corrected "gñ" to "gjñ" in Sanskrit passages (mostly in "-samyagjñā-") By https://viaf.org/viaf/308710472/
  • 2017-04-13: Corrected " ñ" and ">ñ" to " jñ" and ">jñ in Sanskrit passages By https://viaf.org/viaf/308710472/